ODUS Staff Directory

Meet Our Team

ODUS is a valuable resource for undergraduate students who want to participate in and contribute to our rich and complex university community. Our staff partners with the Office of the Dean of the College and residential colleges to provide campus life support. ODUS staff is here to provide guidance on how to make the most of the University's resources in pursuit of our students' educational goals. ODUS. Learn more about the ODUS Team >

Gregory Blaha

Headshot Gregory Blaha
  • IT Manager
Phone: (609) 258-9643
Email: gblaha@princeton.edu
Office: 320 Morrison Hall

Dianna Blaha

Headshot Dianna Blaha
  • Administrative Assistant
Phone: (609) 258-8881
Email: diannaf@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Bryant R. Blount

Headshot Bryant Blount
  • Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students and Manager of Strategic Communications
Phone: (609) 258-3061
Email: blount@princeton.edu
Office: 314 Morrison Hall

Darleny Cepin

Headshot Darleny Cepin
  • Director of Student Life, Mathey College, Residential Colleges
Phone: (609) 258-8845
Email: dcepin@princeton.edu
Office: Mathey College, 315F Hamilton Hall

Joyce Chen Shueh

Joyce Chen Shueh
  • Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students
Phone: (609) 258-3054
Email: jgchen@princeton.edu
Office: 309 Morrison Hall

Manisha Chotalia

Manisha Chotalia Headshot
  • Office Assistant
Phone: (609) 258-3053
Email: chotalia@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Deshawn Cook

Headshot Deshawn Cook
  • Director of Student Life, Butler College, Residential Colleges.
Phone: (609) 258-1664
Email: deshawnc@princeton.edu
Office: Butler College, 202A Wu Hall

Rick Curtis

Headshot Richard Curtis
  • Director, Outdoor Action Program
Phone: (609) 258-5621
Email: rcurtis@princeton.edu
Office: W04A Dillon Court West

Ian Deas

Headshot  Ian Deas
  • Program Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-4598
Email: deas@princeton.edu
Office: 316 Morrison Hall

Kathleen Deignan

Headshot Kathleen Deignan
  • Dean of Undergraduate Students
Phone: (609) 258-5431
Email: kdeignan@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Thomas Dunne

Headshot Thomas Dunne
  • Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students
Phone: (609) 258-5750
Email: tdunne@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Jarrett Fisher

Headshot Jarrett Fisher
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students and Director of Student Agencies
Phone: (609) 258-6189
Email: jarrettf@princeton.edu
Office: 48 University Place, Suite 406

Crystal Hackman

Crystal Hackman
  • Judicial Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-3062
Email: chackman@princeton.edu
Office: 308 Morrison Hall

Amy Ham Johnson

Headshot Amy Ham Johnson
  • Director of Student Life, Rockefeller College, Residential Colleges
Phone: (609) 258-2652
Email: amyham@princeton.edu
Office: Rockefeller College, 103 Madison Hall

Kate Harmon

Headshot Kate Harmon
  • Financial Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-7444
Email: kmharmon@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Shelley Jannos

Headshot Michele Jannos
  • Administrative Assistant
Phone: (609) 258-8457
Email: sjannos@princeton.edu
Office: 313 Morrison Hall

Margaret Lee

Headshot Margaret Lee
  • Dean's Assistant
Phone: (609) 258-4906
Email: ml37@princeton.edu
Office: 48 University Place, Suite 003

Garrett Meggs

Garrett Meggs Headshot
  • Director of Student Life, Wilson College, Residential Colleges.
Phone: 609-258-3281
Email: gmeggs@princeton.edu
Office: Wilson College, 201E Wilcox Hall

Alison Nabatoff

Headshot Alison Nabatoff
  • Program Coordinator for Whig
Phone: 609-258-6889
Email: nabatoff@princeton.edu
Office: 103 Whig Hall

Lexy Parrill

Lexy Parrill
  • Orientation Program Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-5815
Email: aparrill@princeton.edu
Office: 204 Frist Campus Center

Claire Pinciaro

Headshot Claire Pinciaro
  • Leadership Program Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-0490
Email: pinciaro@princeton.edu
Office: 48 University Place, Suite 003

Jessica Popkin

Headshot Jessica Popkin
  • Program Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-4932
Email: popkin@princeton.edu
Office: 48 University Place, Suite 003

Dianne Spatafore

Headshot Dianne Spatafore
  • Director of Campus Club
Phone: 609-258-3748
Email: dspatafo@princeton.edu
Office: Campus Club, 5 Prospect Avenue

Caroline Stone

Headshot Caroline Stone
  • Program Coordinator
Phone: (609) 258-6230
Email: csstone@princeton.edu
Office: W04A Dillon Court West

Mellisa Thompson

Headshot Mellisa Thompson
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students
Phone: (609) 258-3052
Email: mellisat@princeton.edu
Office: 311 Morrison Hall

Jacquie Toettcher

Headshot Jacqueline Toettcher
  • Manager of Administration
Phone: (609) 258-3031
Email: jt14@princeton.edu
Office: 319 Morrison Hall

Olivia Weiner

Olivia Weiner Headshot
  • Director of Student Life, Forbes College, Residential Colleges
Phone: (609) 258-4825
Email: oweiner@princeton.edu
Office: 001 Forbes College

Momo Wolapaye

Headshot Momo Wolapaye
  • Director of Student Life, Whitman College, Residential Colleges.
Phone: 609-258-8145
Email: momo@princeton.edu
Office: Whitman College, North Hall, Building C, C106

Amanda Zeltner

Headshot Amanda Zeltner
  • Associate Dean for Student Programs
Phone: 609-258-0382
Email: azeltner@princeton.edu
Office: 204 Frist Campus Center