Student Agencies

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Join a Student-Run Business

Princeton Student Agencies (PSA) program is a co-curricular, hands-on educational program that teaches students leadership and business skills to succeed in their careers, and is one of the oldest and largest agency programs in the country. Our student-run businesses employ more than 250 students and provide a range of products and services to the University community.

Teamwork and Management

Each agency is led by a student director and an associate director. Together they manage their agency's business operations. The agencies employ currently-enrolled, full - time Princeton University undergraduate students. 

Learn Business Skills

Our students learn important business skills through on-the-job experiences. Most students will learn the fundamentals of the following skills: marketing, product distribution, business accounting, e-commerce management, sales, inventory maintenance, customer relations, quality control, delivery, computer programming and web design.

Start Your Own Business

Undergraduates may start their own student agency. All that is necessary to begin is a bright idea for a product or a service and a lot of entrepreneurial initiative. Students may propose new agency ideas to the PSA Office by submitting a general application, along with a proposed business plan and budget. 

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Join PSA

Students interested in joining PSA may view available positions and apply on the PSA Employment Page


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