Student Government

Group of students smiling

Students Making Decisions

Dedicated to the philosophy that students should be directly involved in the decisions that affect them, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) serves as the primary representative and liaison of Princeton undergraduates to the faculty, administration, trustees and broader community. The USG provides a range of services to the undergraduate student body; funding individual student organization events, sponsoring campus wide social events, and offering leadership training opportunities. The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students serves in an advisory capacity to the USG.

Class Governments (First Years, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

  • Defining Experience As class unity is a defining characteristic of the Princeton undergraduate experience, class governments play an important role in the extracurricular life of Princeton students.
  • Responsibilities The class governments are charged with the responsibility of creating class-specific programs that contribute broadly to the University community.
  • Goal Class government's expressed goal is to establish a distinct class identity and unity throughout and beyond the class' undergraduate years at Princeton.

Class Officers

  • Responsibilities Class officers are responsible for planning social events, designing and distributing class paraphernalia and fostering relationships with parent and grandparent alumni classes. The senior class government also works, with the assistance of a senior committee, to plan many of the Commencement activities.
  • Commencement Activities Class Day, Senior Prom, Step Sing and Senior Check Out.
  • Roles In April, each undergraduate class elects a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and social chair to serve as Class Officers.
  • Advising The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students serves in an advisory capacity to the class governments.