Student Organizations

Put Your Ideas into Action

Since the earliest days of Princeton University, Student Organizations have provided students with the opportunities to put their ideas into action. These groups provide ample opportunities for students to assume an active and progressive role in shaping their social environment. We encourage students to complement their intellectual pursuits with self-directed programs that provide a bridge between their academic and extracurricular experiences.

In light of this, we work to create an environment that respects the many traditions of groups established over a century ago while simultaneously encouraging new groups to form and find foothold in the current University landscape.

New Organization Resources

Advising for Student Organizations

  • Self-Directed We place the highest value on Student Organizations being self-directed; as such we do not require student organizations to appoint faculty and/or staff advisors.
  • Collaboration We do encourage student organizations to "cast a wide net” and collaborate or consult with faculty, staff, and alumni based on shared interests and expertise.
  • For Students, By Students We expect that student organization events are planned and executed by student leaders.
  • Advising and Records Advising is offered through our central office at 313 Morrison Hall. All financial records for student organizations are kept in this office and all event registrations are processed there.

Start a New Group

Don't see an organization that meets your interest? Consider registering a new group. To establish a new undergraduate student organization, please submit an application to the Student Group Recognition Committee

Your application will be reviewed by the members of the committee and you will be asked to appear before the committee to present your application, demonstrate familiarity with University policies, and answer questions. Applicants will be notified of the committee's decision via email.

Reactivate Group

To reactivate a dormant group, please contact the ODUS Program Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

New Officer Resources

  • Update Group Officer Information Please update your group’s officer information in OSOPS and MyPrincetonU so that we’re able to contact you with important updates and information.
  • Meet the ODUS Staff We recommend setting up a meeting with members of the ODUS staff to review policies, procedures, and financial information. Email the ODUS Program Coordinator if you would like to discuss any of these topics.

Set up a New Group Meeting with ODUS

If your organization receives recognition from the SGRC, please set up a New Group Meeting with ODUS. The meeting will allow you to familiarize yourself with ODUS staff and perform the following requirements:

  1. Register your group via the ODUS Student Organization Processing System
    1. Provide officer information
    2. Register for a group netID
    3. Register for a group ListServ (optional)
  2. Review policies and funding resources
  3. Receive your group's unique chart string
  4. Request access to the University's financial system (Treasurers only)

Set up Email, ListServs and Websites

  • Group Email Account All student organizations are required to have a netID and Princeton email account. This email address will serve as the primary method of communication from ODUS and other University offices to your group. It will also be listed on the ODUS web director of student organizations. You can request a netID for your group via OSOPS
  • Lost Email Passwords Visit this site to reset your group's email password.
  • Listservs Group email lists (ListServs) can be requested here Once you have created your ListServ, you can make changes and updates using the List Owner Dashboard
  • Websites All Princeton netIDs (including student org netIDs) are given free web server space. Student organizations can also use the Princeton WordPress service.

Fall 2019 student activities fair photo featuring the Princeton Band and a capella groups

Student organizations welcome the Class of 2023 during the Fall 2019 Activities Fair.

Student Organizations Directory

View the complete list of Student Organizations currently registered with ODUS, Campus Recreation, Office of Religious Life and the Pace Center for Civic Engagement.

Student Organizations Trainings

View the mandatory Fall 2023 trainings for officers and treasurers.



Please contact us during normal University business hours
Phone 609-258-5750
Email [email protected]

Register Your Activities

Student organizations are required to register all activities in MyPrincetonU. Your registration must be approved by ODUS before funds can be committed to the event.


The vast majority of financial transactions (such as reimbursements) are done via Concur. Paying vendors is done directly through the University financial system (Prime).
If you need to pay a vendor, visit our office at 313 Morrison Hall (formerly named West College), or contact Karen Ehee.


Students are prohibited from signing contracts on behalf of student organizations. Policy states that these contracts must be reviewed and signed by the Dean. Please give us advance notice of potential contractual obligations, as the review process can take several weeks to complete.


There are no “startup funds” for student organizations. Funding is granted on a per-event basis and cannot be granted retroactively. Funding requests should be submitted to the USG Projects Board or other funding committees. See Funding an Event for more information.