Promote an Event

Spread the Word

Student Organizations are encouraged to share their events across campus. Students have many options to share and promote their organization and events. Review the following resources to promote your student organization events. 


Posters and flyers are a cheap and an easy way to get the word out about your event to a mass audience. Here are some rules, regulations, and best practices for postering on campus.

  • Approved Locations to Post Flyers Bulletin boards in dorm entryways and elsewhere on campus, dining halls, academic and administration buildings, outdoor kiosks, and lampposts.
  • DO NOT Post Flyers On buildings, chain link fences, wood paneling, benches, sidewalks, roadways, the natural landscape (i.e., trees and grass), and any other location not included on the list above. For more information, please see Rights, Rules, Responsibilities sections 1.2.4 and  2.2.1
  • Chalking and Tape The use of chalk and tape applied to University grounds and walkways is prohibited.
  • Contact Information Posters must contain contact information (a functional Princeton email address will suffice).
  • Publicity Agency Too busy to go around campus and hang up posters? The Princeton University Publicity Agency provides several services ranging from mail box stuffing to door to door delivery to hanging up posters around campus.
  • Compliance Please note that groups who do not comply with these rules may be reported to ODUS.

On-Campus Resources


Students are encouraged to use ListServs to let their fellow students know about upcoming events.

McCosh Walk Banner

Student organizations may have a banner hung over McCosh Walk to advertise their events. To reserve space, please fill out our Banner Reservation Request Form.


Timeline is a software system developed by OIT that facilitates distribution of information about activities, events, deadlines, and announcements to the Princeton University community. For information on how to use Timeline, visit this site.

Nassau Weekly

The Nassau Weekly is a student-run newspaper published every Thursday with a circulation of about 6,300. Please visit their contact page for information on advertising.

Princeton Alumni Weekly (P.A.W.)

The Princeton Alumni Weekly is an independent, nonprofit magazine that records news of the alumni as well as covers some of the current news happening at Princeton University. For more information on advertising rates, publication schedule and submission dates, please visit their Web site and click on "Advertising Info" located on the left-hand side of the page. Contact Beth Perrino either by e-mail or by phone: (609) 258-4886.

WPRB 103.3

Princeton University’s student-run radio station. With 15,000 square miles of coverage, WPRB can be heard from Philadelphia to the outskirts of New York City. To get ad rates and other details, you can either call the sales department at (609) 258-3656 or reach them by e-mail.

University Events List

All advertisements for University-sponsored events must be received no later than the Saturday preceding the Monday mailing. Please e-mail all ads to [email protected].

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the best way to inform people of your event, so make sure to tell your friends and classmates what exciting event your student organization has planned.

The Daily Princetonian

"The Prince" is a daily newspaper published by Princeton students. The print edition has a circulation of about 6,000 and the Web site is visited by about 1,400 people a day. To advertise in The Prince, please contact their Business Office at [email protected] or (609) 375-8553.

Academic Departments

If there is an academic department with a corresponding interest in your event, contact the department's administrator. They may be able to share your event with students majoring or taking classes in their department.

Promote Off-Campus Beyond FitzRandolph Gate 

The Princeton Business Journal

The Princeton Business Journal is published every Tuesday and Thursday by the same group that publishes the Princeton Packet, but is geared more towards the business community. Please visit the advertising rates and deadlines portion of their Web site or call (609) 924-3244 for more information.

The Princeton Packet

The Packet is published Tuesdays and Fridays and has a circulation of about 9,461. Advertising information is available on the Packet's website

Press Releases

Before advertising your event off campus with either paid advertisements or press releases, please notify the Office of Communications. They will assist you in managing your interactions with off-campus media.

Town Topics

Published every Wednesday, Town Topics has a circulation of about 14,000. This publication is free to the public and is among the best ways to advertise your event throughout Princeton. Advertising information (including submission deadlines and contact information) is available on the Town Topics' website.

Areas in Town

Some businesses may allow certain groups to post events in their stores. Ask the owner or manager before posting. Small World Coffee, 14 Witherspoon St., Panera Bread, 134 Nassau St., Princeton Public Library, 65 Witherspoon St. Public kiosks on Nassau Street, one near Garden Theatre and one near Bank of America. However, as members of the local community, it is important that you remove any public posting throughout town once the applicable date has passed. It is a violation of town ordinance to post on any tree, fence, sidewalk, telephone pole, lamppost, or light pole in the streets.

Community Outreach

Area schools, churches and nursing homes are great places to go if you want to have members of the community attend the event. However, please make sure that the event is appropriate for that group of people. For instance if your group is bringing in an author of a book popular among high school students, it would be a good idea to invite some of the area high schools. If your group was inviting an author who wrote a book about atheism, inviting the local churches would not be advisable.

U.S. 1

Distributed to businesses throughout the area, U.S. 1 is published every Wednesday and has a circulation of about 19,000. Contact U.S. 1 via email ([email protected]) or phone (609-452-7000).