Fund an Activity

Financial Support for your Activity

We recommend beginning the funding process as early as possible when planning an activity. Once your group has a detailed budget for the proposed event, you should begin approaching funding sources to request financial support.

Two of the most common financial supporters of student organizations are ODUS and the USG Projects Board. However, a number of other funding sources may be available to you, depending upon the scope and nature of your event. 

Alcohol Initiative

The Alcohol Initiative supports social alternatives that take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10:00pm to 2:00am (or at other times during which students are likely to engage in high-risk drinking).

Meetings The committee meets on the first and third Friday of every month.

Conference Fund

Recognized student organizations may apply for ODUS funding to attend conferences and events off campus. Students interested in applying for conference funding should consider making an appointment with the ODUS Program Coordinator.

Prepare a Budget The application for the conference fund is located on SAFE. Students should prepare a detailed budget delineating all costs relating to the conference, highlighting those costs the group would like ODUS to cover.

Limited Funding The conference fund is intended to defray costs for up to two students from a group. Students should note that this source of funding is very limited and is only available to groups whose off-campus travel will ultimately benefit the greater campus community.

Academic and Administrative Departments

Student organizations are encouraged to contact academic and administrative departments for funding and co-sponsorship of events.

Prepare a Budget When seeking funding from these sources, students should prepare thoughtful proposals and detailed budgets that can be given to an academic department manager or administrator.

Projects Board

Projects Board is the funding arm of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and is responsible for distributing the majority of the funds that support student organization events. The Projects Board also grants funding on behalf of ODUS, the Woodrow Wilson School Fund, the Publications Fund, the Vice President for Campus Life's Venture Fund, and the Politics Department.

Eligibility ODUS, ORL, and Pace groups are all eligible for Projects Board funding.
Meetings The Board meets every Thursday during the academic year.