Community Standards

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Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

Princeton University is a community governed by a set of standards intended to enhance the educational and residential experience of students. The commonly accepted rules, policies and expectations by which we are governed are outlined in the publication, Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. In this reference guide you will find policies that articulate both the value we place on individual rights, freedoms and identities as well as our commitment to the preservation and maintenance of a community conducive to our common purposes: teaching and learning.

Non-Discrimation and Anti-Harassment Policy

To sustain Princeton's excellence, the University expects that each member of our community will practice the principles of equity and respect for all and conduct himself or herself in a manner that reflects these values and central purposes. To that end, the University's Non-discrimation/Anti-Harassment Policy defines prohibited behavior and describes the resources and procedures for addressing such behavior.

Academic Integrity

Among the most important values of a University community are those involving academic integrity. While Rights, Rules, Responsibilities outlines the Honor Code and other academic regulations, students should consult Academic Integrity at Princeton for specific guidance about proper attribution of words and ideas.  

Other Useful Policies

The Residential Living Policies Guide is also a helpful source outlining rules and policies. 

Students should also be familiar with the University Alcohol and Drug Policies as well as federal and state laws governing alcohol use.