Do Your Part: A Guide for Student Groups against Hazing

Princeton is committed to protecting the wellbeing and safety of those who wish to join a student organization, team, or club.  Hazing is a real problem that may cause long-term physical and psychological effects. This guide is meant as a resource to help you understand Princeton’s prohibition on hazing in the context of your student organization.

According to Rights, Rules, Responsibilities and NJ State Law:

  1. Any student shall have the right to be free of all activities which might constitute hazing, while attempting to become a member of a fraternity, sorority, athletic team, student organization, eating club, or other campus organization. Organizations, their members, and their prospective members are prohibited from engaging in or encouraging others to engage in activities that are defined as hazing.
  2. A broad range of behaviors that may place another person in danger of bodily injury or behavior that demonstrates indifference or disregard for another person's dignity or well-being may be classified as hazing.  

As a student leader in your organization, it is your responsibility to think critically about Princeton’s hazing policy as it applies to your current and future initiation or recruitment practices. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with, and make use of, the resources in this guide.