Resources for Students

Developed by a Princeton undergraduate, this section includes three resources for students who are committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive environment for their peers, free of hazing.  To share concerns or to get more information, please visit the Reporting Hazing page.

Do Your Part: A Resource for Student Groups Against Hazing

This guide is a resource for student leaders who are wondering how hazing policy could impact their club, team, or organization. It includes an evaluation of current practices, 65 creative alternatives to hazing, and considerations when creating a new/prospective member itinerary.

Is My Friend Being Hazed?

This document describes common signs indicating that a student may be experiencing hazing.

Myths and Facts About Hazing

This document debunks common misconceptions about hazing. This is a resource both for students and coaches/administrators who want to know how to understand and address hazing.