Finance Forms

  • Departmental Deposit FormIf your group has received a payment or deposit in the form of cash or a check, fill out this form and take it (and the funds) to the 7th floor of New South for deposit.  Per University regulations, cash should be deposited within 5 business days.  Use chartstring 15XXX-Q0001.
  • Guest Reimbursement Request Use this form if your speaker or guest needs to be reimbursed for travel, incidentals, or out-of-pocket expenses. This form should be signed by the guest, scanned, and emailed to [email protected] with copies of all related receipts.
  • Limited Engagement Agreement (US Citizens and Foreign NationalsThis is an agreement/contract between Princeton and an individual providing a service, used in lieu of an invoice
  • Honorarium Acceptance Form Princeton student organizations rarely pay Honorariums.  The majority of service providers fall under Limited Engagement Agreement.  See above.
  • Missing Original Receipt Form:  ODUS requires receipts for all expenses.  If you lose or misplace a receipt under $50, please fill out the missing original receipt form in Prime to attach to the expense.  If the expense is over $50, you may find in Concur under the Attach Receipt button at the top of the page. 
  • Sales Tax Exemption Form 27 states do not require Princeton University (and, by extension, Princeton student organizations) to pay state sales tax on all or most purchases of goods and services used in that state. 

Event Planning Forms

  • Eating Club Event Form: This form is required any time a student organizations wishes to hold an event at an Eating Club. This form must be signed by the Club Manager and Undergraduate Club President. The completed form must be emailed to the ODUS program coordinator at least 1 week prior to your event.
  • Standard University ContractsThese are links to University-approved standard contracts

Miscellaneous Forms