Dormitory Assistant Program

Building Residential Communities

Each year, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the Housing Department hire approximately 20 dormitory assistants, usually one or two in each of the upperclass dormitories. These positions requires a commitment averaging eight to ten hours per week.


Applicants must be upperclass students (rising juniors or seniors) and should possess excellent communication, administrative and interpersonal skills.


  • Serving as a liaison to ODUS and Housing staff with respect to communicating with residents of their dormitory regarding living conditions, maintenance concerns, and other issues as they arise.
  • Establishing a good working relationship with the custodian(s) in the building in which the DA serves.
  • Reporting damage, unsafe conditions, violations of code and other residential concerns to the appropriate administrative office (Housing, Building Services, Maintenance, Facilities Customer Service Center, Public Safety, Dean of Undergraduate Students Offices).
  • Ensuring proper use of common areas throughout the building, including resolving usage disputes, scheduling, and monitoring of activities held therein.
  • Disseminating information from various administrative offices to residents, including holding informational meetings, posting paper and e-mail notices as appropriate.
  • Submitting regular written reports and attending monthly meetings and/or inservice trainings with ODUS and Housing staff.
  • Maintaining a presence in the building, promptly responding to staff or resident concerns,  and holding a regular schedule (minimum of three hours weekly) of “open room hours” during which residents can discuss concerns about facilities and related issues.
  • Monitoring OIT dorm printer functionality and help with inventory of consumables.
  • Assisting with check-in and check-out of residents during the academic year. For check-in, students must be on campus prior to the first early arrival upperclassmen (such as orientation leaders and others). For check-out, students must remain on campus through Commencement to assist their senior residents.
  • Create and host one or two events per year to help build community and increase familiarity between dorm residents.
  • Other duties as assigned or as needed.


Students selected to serve in the DA position will receive two half days of intensive training in August, and must therefore be available for early arrival. Failure to arrive on campus in time for training (mid August) will result in the forfeiture of the position.


Dormitory assistants are eligible for an estimated salary of $2,600 payable in bi-weekly installments (pay is taxable income, subject to wage withholding and reporting on the W-2). Students selected for this position will not participate in room draw, but will be assigned a single room in one of the upperclass dormitories. Students selected as alternate DAs will be required to attend training, but will not be compensated unless they are asked to step into the full DA position.

Application Process

The application process includes completing an on-line form that contains some essay questions. In addition, DA candidates must also provide one recommendation. This recommendation must be completed through the on-line system. Due to the pandemic, the selection process has been delayed; the application and interview process for candidates in the 2023-24 academic year will open during Wintersession.  Successful applicants will be notified before room draw begins.