Fall 2011 Early Arrival

July 20, 2011


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The University is committed to upholding existing early arrival and early housing policies in a consistent manner. Dormitories officially open on Saturday, September 10, 2011.  The first day of classes is Thursday, September 15. Only those students who meet the criteria described below will be considered eligible for early arrival.

Undergraduates who are not participating in an official University pre-orientation or orientation program and been pre-approved for early return, may return to campus during specified hours, beginning Saturday, September 10.


·         Fall Early Arrival FAQ

·         Students approved for early arrival will receive an e-mail confirming the approved arrival date. Students should plan to arrive on campus during regular business hours or during specified hours.

·         Students who return to campus prior to the approved early arrival date or September 10 must make arrangements to stay off-campus at their own expense. On-campus housing will not be available.

Fall Move In Calendar


International Student Orientation

Sept. 3

Outdoor Action and Community Action freshmen participant arrival

Sept. 10

Freshmen students not in OA/CA arrive and orientation begins

Sept. 10 - 14  

Sophomores, juniors and seniors not in pre-approved groups move-in

Sept. 11

Opening Exercises and the Pre-rade

Sept. 12

Residential College dining begins for sophomores, juniors and seniors

Sept. 15

Classes begin

Freshmen orientation begins Saturday, September 10. The receptions and meals in the residential colleges that weekend are available only to freshmen and their families. Sophomore, junior and senior dining in the residential colleges begins Monday, September 12.

Undergraduates who are participating in an official University pre-orientation or orientation program will have early housing contingent upon approval of the activity and return date. The department /office sponsor of the pre-orientation and orientation program must request pre-approval. The EAPC will notify all sponsors and participants of their approved early arrival date.

Group sponsors should contact the EAPC for more information. Individual students who are not part of a group requesting an exemption to the September 10 arrival date, must be pre-approved and will be notified in writing. Individual on-line request form.