Kognito Day: Building Intervention Skills

Written by
Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
Nov. 7, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018 is Kognito Day.

Princeton University wants to make sure all students in our community have the skills to intervene when they notice someone who could be in mental health distress. Kognito’s At-Risk for College Students is a 30-minute simulation that trains students how to recognize warning signs of another student’s psychological distress, and how to use motivational interviewing to build trust and motivate the student to seek help.  All first-year students will complete this simulation with their advisee ('zee) groups on Sunday, and subsequently engage in a debrief conversation led by their Residential College Adviser. We want to encourage all students to log on, go through the simulation and talk about the experience with roommates, friends, teammates, or anyone else within their campus networks.

To access the simulation, go to kognitocampus.com and create an account.  Princeton Undergraduates can enter the simulation free by entering the enrollment key: PUARUS18, and selecting Princeton University in the next step for the affiliation field.

Kognito Event Flyer Nov 11 2018