Sunday, Sep 17, 2017

Hey Class of 2021! We hope you’ve had a fantastic first few days of classes! But the fun doesn’t stop there. This Sunday is your first #lawnparties. Get excited! Sponsored by ODUS and the USG Social Committee, Lawnparties is a bi-annual tradition which takes place after the first week of classes in the fall and after classes end in the spring semester. Everyone brings their favorite salmon shorts and pastel clothing, takes pictures at the Woody Woo fountain, eats Rita’s ices and soft pretzels at Campus Club, and then heads down Prospect for #foodtrucks and more fun!

So here’s what happens: each of the eating clubs will be hosting their own act throughout the morning and early afternoon. This will culminate in the main act which takes place in the Quadrangle Club. The event goes on rain or shine! Remember to pick up your FREE wristband from the 1879 Arch before heading over so you can get to see the acts! Have fun at your first lawnparties!