New Guidelines for Limited In-Person Student Organization Activity

March 24, 2021

In the interest of providing a break from Zoom and providing student organizations the tools to enact limited group activity in accordance with the University’s health and safety expectations, the following guidelines were developed to allow limited in-person student organization activity. Approved activities must take place outdoors or in spaces designated for this type of activity. We continue to assess and reassess information from state authorities and the University; these guidelines are subject to change.

Approval and Registration Process

All student organization activities and events must be registered in the Campus Life Events Registration System (CLEVER). Offices in Campus Life which sponsor recognized student organization activity may approve limited in-person student organization activities in alignment with the Spring 2021 Social Contract but will not approve in-person student organization events. As a reminder, all student organization events must be held virtually. Definitions are provided below for clarity:

  • Activity: An activity is defined as group business which will not be advertised and reasonably will not attract an audience.

  • Event:  An event is defined as group business which will be advertised and/or reasonably will attract an audience, attract unanticipated participants or observers, and is likely to result in a violation of the social contract.

Student Organizations must register proposed in-person activity in CLEVER a minimum of five (5) business days in advance to ensure adequate time for the review and approval process. Registrations must be detailed and include an accurate count of the expected attendance for the activity. Organizations must not move forward with in-person activity until their CLEVER registration reaches the “final approval” phase. Any student organizations hosting in-person activity which has not been registered and approved in CLEVER will be subject to review by the Student Group Accountability Board. Below are examples of activities which may be approved and events which will not approved:

Group business which may be considered an activity and may be approved:

  • Leadership meetings/planning sessions
  • Coffee chats
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • New member welcomes
  • Walks or hikes with a fixed list of attendees
  • Photo or video shoot involving one group member and one photographer

Group business which may be considered an event and will not be approved:

  • Group business likely to encourage a violation of the social contract
  • Group business involving non-Dining Services food distributed on campus
  • Group business in which a member secures food and distributes to other members
  • Group business occurring in residential spaces
  • Group business likely to attract an audience, unanticipated observers, or encourage people to gather
  • Group business which is physical in nature and presents increased risk of virus transmission
  • Group business that could cause someone to unintentionally be within six feet of other participants or cause increased respiration
  • Group business with an open invitation list
  • Photo or video shoot involving more than one group member and/or more than one photographer

If you have an idea that’s not on this list, we strongly encourage you to reach out in advance. Please note that there are separate Guidelines for Item Distribution and guidelines for hosting a Tigers in Town pickup activity with a local business.

As part of this submission process, groups may need to submit a space reservation through EMS for activity indoors. Once approved, groups must adhere to the posted capacity guidelines in each room. If adherence to the posted capacity guidelines is not possible, the proposed activity must be held virtually. As a reminder, all group business must also be registered in CLEVER.

General Considerations

In-person activities must follow guidelines as set by the Gatherings Review Team, including:

  • The Social Contract signed by undergraduate students applies to these activities. Students not eligible to visit campus due to their status within testing protocols, enrollment, or compliance with Social Contract guidelines cannot participate in the activity. Students not currently enrolled, i.e. on leave or alumni, cannot participate in this activity. No exceptions can be made.
  • Compliance with the University’s Face Covering Policy and social distancing are required; guidelines must be monitored and enforced throughout the activity.
  • The Activity Contact (student who submitted the CLEVER registration and is responsible for ensuring compliance with public health measures) should be present for the entirety of the activity.
  • The Activity Contact must maintain a list with names, netids, and phone numbers of all activity participants. This information must be held for two weeks after the activity, should we need the information for contact tracing purposes.

Questions and Additional Notes

If after reading this document in its entirety students have questions, they should reach out to their group’s sponsoring department advisor:

ODUS                          Mitchel Charles 

ORL                             Joanne Sismondo

Pace                            Evan Schneider 

Club Sports                 Tim Phanthavong

This process is subject to change should the health and safety requirements shift, either more or less restrictive, and we will update groups about process changes. Due to the nature of the pandemic, groups will need to modify plans to align with new policies at the time of their activity rather than the time of approval.