ODUS Arts Fellows: Call for Applications

Friday, Jun 12, 2020
by Jessica Bailey, ODUS Arts Program Coordinator

ODUS Arts Summer Fellowship Program


We are looking for civic-minded students who are interested in crafting a virtual arts-based summer enrichment experience for local youth!

What is it?

All year long, students and parents alike look forward to summer not only as a way to rest, but as a way to further engage in enriching programming that many children cannot do during the school year. However, due to COVID-19, many summer-enrichment programs have been cancelled. Families with front-line workers and those facing socioeconomic insecurity may be feeling the extra weight of not only being a caregiver but also being responsible for providing academic, extracurricular, and emotional enrichment opportunities for their children this summer and beyond.

The ODUS Arts Summer Fellows will be tasked with designing a summer enrichment program that addresses this need virtually through the arts. Arts Summer Fellows will have opportunities to connect with other undergraduates doing civic engagement fellowships with the Pace Center in the hope that programs will inform each other and undergraduates will be able to think more broadly about how the University can form meaningful relationships with neighboring communities. The work of the ODUS Arts Summer Fellows will be directed by the ODUS Arts Program Coordinator.

The complete job description can be found by visiting odus.princeton.edu/summerartsfellows.

Is there a stipend? 

All ODUS Arts Summer Fellows will be paid a stipend of $3,000 for their work this summer.

How do I apply?

Interested students submit a resume and cover letter detailing your leadership experience in the arts and interest in the position to jpbailey@princeton.edu no later than Monday June 22nd. The subject line for the email should be “ODUS Arts Summer Fellows – [Name of Student]”.