ODUS Statement of Support for Student Organizations

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Like all of you, we have watched with great sadness the incidents in the past few weeks that bring forward the tremendously deep impact of institutional racism in our society. President Eisgruber recently issued a statement to address the University community on these matters, and we are called to reflect on how we can respond to the inequities, pain, and frustration we are seeing today. 

We are writing to all student organizations because these issues impact all of us. We particularly want to acknowledge  groups that are organized around the support and celebration of Black identity here on campus and on a national and global scale. We are deeply grateful for the daily work students do to push our university community and the world beyond our gates to strive to live up to our stated values of justice and equity. 

Student organizations are important vehicles for students to support and care for each other. We hope that all of you are reaching out to each other to offer help, to listen to the experiences of others, and identify ways to be better as a community. We stand ready to help and support organizations in doing this work. Please reach out to us with any initiatives, ideas, or programs you may have in response to what we are seeing, hearing, and experiencing directly in our own lives. We look forward to joining you in this critically important work, and are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas.