Outdoor Action Strategic Planning Committee

Monday, Nov 12, 2018

In 2018 the University approved the Outdoor Action Strategic Planning Committee. Guided by the Five Core Leadership Principles developed by the OA Alumni Advisory Group, this committee is comprised of current students, Outdoor Action (OA) alumni, faculty and administrative staff. The stated goals of the committee are to:


  • Review the history and accomplishments of Outdoor Action and identify the core elements that have contributed to the program’s success,

  • Explore the potential of and develop a proposal for an enhanced version of OA that strengthens student leadership development and supports the mission of the University, and

  • Submit a final report to the Vice President for Campus Life by June 2019.


Over the next few months this committee will be soliciting the ideas and opinions of alumni as to how OA impacted them during their time both as students and beyond FitzRandolph Gate. The committee also plans to hold several focus groups with undergraduates to explore how OA can expand its programming to create larger, campus-wide leadership development opportunities broadening its traditional reach throughout the campus.


The committee will begin its work later this fall with the bulk of the work occurring in the spring semester. The committee will be facilitated by a strategic planning consultant who will help us dive into what OA can become as we look ahead to OA's fiftieth anniversary in 2024.