RCA Applications Now Open!

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

Applications for Residential College Advisers for the 2018-2019 year are now open, and can be completed at the linked web page.  There will also be several info sessions held across many resiential colleges.

The Residential College Adviser (RCA) works closely with a small group of student advisees to promote appreciation of the diverse Princeton residential community and to foster a welcoming, safe, and stimulating environment for all residents of the College. The RCA assists new students in the transition to college and provides guidance as they develop responsible decision-making skills in the social, personal, and academic spheres. The adviser provides support as the student who manages health and adjustment issues, problems between roommates, and the demands of academic work and extracurricular activities. While the RCA is immediately responsible for the first- and second-year students in their advising area, they also works as part of a small adviser team to combine advising strengths and to give advisees a choice of advisers in whom to confide.

Through programming and advising efforts, the RCA promotes the community’s awareness of and sensitivity toward the experiences of underrepresented groups, as defined by such personal characteristics as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, religion, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. With the guidance of the College staff and the support of ongoing training sessions, the RCA actively engages with students who identify themselves with these underrepresented groups and supports them through the development of College diversity programs. In so doing, the RCA contributes to a campus culture that enhances and enriches the experience of all Princeton students. 

Advisers help establish and maintain a safe environment in which their advisees can thrive, personally, socially, and intellectually. As part of these duties, advisers participate in a rotating on-call system within the college. In addition, advisers address violations of University policy when such violations are observed. 

The RCA employs familiarity with campus resources to serve as a vital communications link between all the offices and organizations of Princeton and first-and second-year students.  

Given these important responsibilities, students selected to be RCAs are expected to make the position their primary non-academic commitment and give it top priority.