Residential College Adviser Appreciation Awards

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On May 7th, 2018, the Residential College Advisers (RCAs) gathered at Prospect House, Garden room for a lovely award reception to celebrate their amazing work. Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students Mell Thompson, the Directors of Student Life (DSLs) and several members of the Residential College staffs were also in attendance to this event. The DSLs awarded the outstanding work of all the RCAs with a few special honors.  Photos of the event can be found HERE.  Award winners and descriptions can be found below:

2017-2018 RCA Appreciation Award Winners

Community Builder of the Year: 

Anyssa Chebbi '18 (Wilson) | Nick Wu '19 (Mathey) | Zoe Tu '18 (Rocky) | Kauribel Javier '19 (Forbes) | GJ Sevillano '19 (Butler) | Samuel Vilchez Santiago '19 (Whitman)

●      Inclusive Leadership

This award will recognize an A/RCA who serves as an example to others through a commitment to diversity and social justice beyond the scope of their student responsibilities. It recognizes programs and actions that challenge students around issues of race, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, gender and other identities, and their relation to power and privilege. Such initiatives must illustrate the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the residential college or hall as well as embracing diversity in the everyday lives of residents.

●      Community Service 

Recognizes service projects that have had an exceptional impact on the lives of others, including service or philanthropic programs that benefit groups, charities, or other organizations. The program nominated must have been initiated by an A/RCA or must otherwise have emphasized the importance of the residents giving back to the broader communities in which they live.

●      Educational Programming

Recognizes a program that engages students in discourse about a topic, idea, or issue beyond their classroom settings. Programs nominated for this category may include, but are not limited to, academic success programming/study breaks with PAAs, leadership development with campus partners, peer education programs, career planning, or programs promoting global citizenship.

●      Informal Engagement

Recognizes someone who has developed and sustained great study breaks and informal opportunities for engagement. 

Cub Award: 

Colin Yost '19 (Forbes) | Paul Spiegl '19 (Whitman) | Justin Ramos '19 (Butler) | Jackie Dragon '19 (Mathey) | Daniel Shepard '19 (Wilson) | Rachel Linfield '19 (Rocky)

This award is given to an outstanding first year RCA who demonstrated potential and growth as they have developed in the position resulting in exemplary work in all aspects of the RCA position that is equal to or exceeds the level of a more seasoned staff person. This person will have exceptional community building skills, a strong connection to their residents and a dedication to the College.

Residential College RCA of the Year:

Myesha Jemison '18 (Forbes) |  Joshua Murray '18 (Mathey) | Hila Ghersin '18 (Rocky) | Mark Nowicki '18 (Butler) | Arianna Brown '18 (Whitman) | Jahdziah St. Julien '18 (Wilson)

Overall A/RCA of the Year:

RCA: Patrick Flanigan '18 (Forbes)

ARCA: Lloyd Feng '19 (Mathey), Paul Spiegl '19 (Whitman)

Recognizes the instrumental work A/RCAs play in building community, educating, programming, and crisis response. Nominees have gone above and beyond the duties of their job in supporting residents in the communities in which they work, supported their college office staff efforts, and/or made outstanding contributions to College in which they work during their tenure. A nomination should focus on the nominee’s accomplishments within and beyond the A/RCA role.