State Teams will engage Princetonians to help facilitate voting in advance of November 3rd

Sept. 19, 2020

As the election approaches, Vote100 is launching State Teams to help students develop voting plans that are tailored to the state where they will cast their ballot. Beyond states, we also have teams helping students voting from abroad, and a group serving Princetonians unable to vote in US elections. Teams will be led by undergraduate State Directors, and will communicate regularly with students to keep voters informed. Teams will create opportunities for students from a particular state to develop collaborative engagement with the election. State Teams will develop best practices and strategies for all Princetonians to participate in this election.

Vote100 recognizes that all of us play an essential role in supporting democracy, and our work is most effective when it is collaborative and driven by peers. Benjy Jude ’23, the California State Co-Director shared “I joined Vote100 because I was raised to believe that my voice matters. That my sister’s voice matters, my neighbor’s voice, even the playground bully’s voice matters. Enfranchising everyone goes hand-in-hand with empowering them, and lifting up the most downtrodden corners of our community and protecting the most vulnerable communities in our society.”

Students interested in joining our efforts can email Students can volunteer in a state for which they have a connection or be assigned a state that needs volunteers. State Team members will be asked to devote just two hours a week at a time that fits into their schedule. After the election concludes, participants will help the Vote100 team evaluate our work and make recommendations for how we can best prepare for future elections.