Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

Nov. 20, 2013

We are selling a limited edition 2013 Bonfire t-shirt in advance of the November 24th Bonfire. Proceeds of the shirt will benefit those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.    The T-Shirt can be ordered by students HERE, or by cash on-site at Sunday’s bonfire

An ad-hoc committee of students have vetted and recommended the following organizations for donations:

Catholic Relief Services (http://crs.org/countries/philippines) has been in the Philippines since 1945.  They have responded to countless natural disasters in the past, and were on the ground in affected areas before the typhoon made landfall.  CRS will meet urgent needs for temporary shelter, household items and water and sanitation.   Longer-term recovery will support the rebuilding of homes through transitional shelters and agricultural and other livelihoods.

Oxfam (http://www.oxfam.org/en/philippines) is an international confederation of 17 organizations in more than 90 countries that has responded to many disasters in the Philippines and supports recovery efforts.  As roads are cleared, Oxfam will be delivering water and sanitation kits to the worst affected areas and providing assistance for essentials like fuel, medicine and transport.  Their goal is to reach 500,000 people affected by the crisis. 

Stiftung Solarenergie (http://www.solar.org.ph/foundation)is a Filipino organization led by Princeton graduate and trustee Jaime Ayala (’84) that provides rural off-grid villages with solar lamps that can be used to charge small electronics.  They are one of the few organizations focused on providing light and electricity in the wake of the disaster, which is very critical for relief work since power is out for the next few months, or longer.  They are currently on the ground across disaster sites through their partner network.  Once the relief is over, the solar systems can be re-purposed on a permanent basis for the schools and hospitals, or used in homes as resettlement proceeds.