We Welcome the Class of 2024!

Monday, Aug 24, 2020

“Since we have discovered that ‘beginnings matter’ at Princeton more than they may on some other campuses, we believe that closer attention to what happens in orientation would help many students launch their lives at Princeton more confidently.” - 2011 Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women’s Leadership 

As we prepare for a virtual fall semester this sentiment continues to ring true. Nobody has thought more intentionally about creating a meaningful beginning for the Class of 2024 than the Orientation team, whose initial welcome of the Class of 2024 began in July, through the successful launch of the inaugural Summer Engagement Cohort program. While first-year students may not be physically arriving on campus this fall, the Orientation program will continue to provide and foster opportunities for first-years to connect, engage, and learn through a reimagined, and entirely virtual, unified Orientation experience.  Orientation began Monday, August 17 with academic meetings and will extend through Sunday, September 6.  

Nassau Hall with Orientation Logo overlay

The Class of 2024 Orientation Canvas site launched on Thursday, August 20. The site includes modules from traditional Orientation sessions, like CPS, PSafe, SHARE, and Diversity & Inclusion, as well as new material, like an introduction to Princeton’s history, and resources and videos from campus departments, like the Office of Sustainability, Vote100, ODUS, and the USG. In preparing the modules, the Orientation team collaborated with sponsoring offices, departments, and student groups to create online content in the form of videos, presentations, and information guides that share the information most relevant to the Class of 2024, while remaining true to the Orientation curricular goals that have guided the program since 2016. 

The small-group experience is a memorable fixture of the Princeton Orientation experience, providing incoming students an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their classmates and to engage with upperclass leaders while participating in experiential activities. While first-years won’t be backpacking or meeting with community leaders (at least not in-person!), the tenets of connection, group dynamics, and experiential learning remain at the forefront of the small-group experience.  Community Action, Dialogue and Difference in Action, Outdoor Action, and the Athlete Orientation experience begin on Friday, August 21, and continue Sunday, August 23 - Monday, August 24. Get an insider’s look at all the small-group experiences by following along on the ODUS Instagram.

The warm welcome to the Class of 2024 continues the week of August 23. Required core Orientation sessions fill the week including, Class of 2024 Welcome Assembly, Residential College Assembly, Zee Group Meetings, Academic Integrity, Academic Success, and both a Welcome Address and Pre-read event from President Eisgruber. To accommodate varying time zones the ‘What to Expect the First Week of Classes and How to Get the Most Out of Them’ session, hosted by the McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning, will be offered at three unique times.

With the addition of the online Orientation components, greater flexibility has been infused into the Orientation schedule. Student organizations and campus departments are eagerly filling the time with an array of virtual events that introduce the Class of 2024 to the breath of opportunities to engage and get involved as a Princeton student.

Orientation is the beginning of our full-efforts to welcome the Class of 2024. Events, information sessions, and programming will continue throughout September. For the most up to date calendar, please visit https://orientation.princeton.edu/calendar

Welcome Class of 2024!