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There's Room for Everyone 

Campus Club is a gathering space for Princeton undergraduate and graduate students. The building includes spaces that can be reserved by student organizations for dinners, receptions, musical, and other cultural and social events. In addition to hosting student-initiated events, the building also has great spaces where you can study or hang out. Coffee Club, a student-run coffee shop located in the taproom of Campus Club, adds to the charm of the building. 

Building amenities include TVs, pianos, and lots of great study spaces.  During good weather, the front and back yard add to the offerings at the Club. There is no charge for student organizations to use the rooms, other than direct event-related charges such as food service.

We will make every effort to accommodate your event request, however, please keep in mind that the more complex your event is, the more time you will need to plan for use of Campus Club. Particularly for special requests, for example events using multiple rooms or those involving alcohol, please make your request at least two to four weeks in advance.

Please visit our policy page to review the Campus Club Policies >

Plan an Event

Campus Club is designed to be for students, by students, and we are pleased to host your student event at Campus Club. Groups planning events for students, undergraduate or graduate, may request space in the building.

Check Reserving Space for details on how to reserve space. When making a reservation, please check Campus Club Policies. If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Campus Club Spaces

Please click on the link to see a pdf of each space.  Reservations are made in the order they are received and are the schedule is updated regularly. 

Ground Floor

  • Tap Room/Lounge:  Tap Room and Lounge space is home to the Coffee Club, a student-run coffee shop. They are open 8am-6pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends when classes are in session. More information can be found on the Coffee Club website.

First Floor

  • Dining Room: The Dining Room has movable tables and chairs, built- in booth seats, and benches. The Dining Room is accessible from the foyer and the sun porch.  In addition, a small kitchen space and an elevator can be accessed through the Dining Room. The room capacity is 31.
  • Living Room: The Living Room features couches, coffee tables, and lots of board games. Living room is accessible from the foyer, the Sun Porch, and the Prospect Room The room capacity is 14.
  • Sun Porch: The Sun Porch has movable tables and chairs. The Sun Porch is connected to the foyer, Living Room, and the Prospect Room. The room capacity is 23.
  • Prospect Room: The Prospect Room has a conference room set up in the center with bookshelves and a piano along the wall. It can be accessed from the Living Room and the Sun Porch. The room capacity is 16.

Second Floor


  • Spirit of Princeton Library: The Library features a large conference table in the center with additional small table seating and couches along the perimeter. The room capacity is 24.
  • Den: The Den offers large couch seating in the center as well as built-in bench seating along two window walls. In addition, Den also offers a large TV. Please note, the furniture is not movable in this space. The room capacity is 14.

Hours of Operation

7:00 am - 12:00 midnight

The building is prox-access only. The hours when classes are not in session may change.


We actively seek to involve all students in the day-to-day life of the club. At Campus Club, we promote social interaction that is community-oriented, while fostering intellectual curiosity and the free exchange of ideas. We recognize the vital importance of both collaboration among students and cooperation between this club and other co-curricular organizations at Princeton. By bridging the social, cultural, and intellectual differences among students at Princeton, we are committed to making Campus Club a vibrant and inclusive community.


Campus Club employs Student Facilities Managers to maintain the building and assist with special events during the evening and weekend hours.  If you are interested, please email [email protected] for an application.

Available resources

One 60" TV with HDMI, VGA and Apple TV connectivity (Den)

Two 32" TV on a Mobile Cart with HDMI, VGA and Apple TV connectivity (movable within the building)


Alumni, Homecoming and Reunions

Campus Club alumni will continue to use the building for major events like homecoming and Reunions.  For more information, please contact [email protected]

Building Contact Information


5 Prospect Avenue

Princeton, NJ 08544

[email protected]

(609) 258-5200


Lexy Sarstedt is the Director of Campus Club. She is excited to welcome all students to the building and is happy to support their programs. 

The Director's Office is located on the second floor, between the Library and the Den. Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions. If you would like to make an appointment, please email [email protected] or set up a meeting at