Campus Club Community Library

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In celebration of open books and open minds.

The Campus Club Community Library was established with regard to four guiding principles:

  • To elevate the work of authors from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities;
  • Create and celebrate opportunities to learn outside of formal academic programs;
  • Promote communal curation – all are invited to help shape the collection; and
  • Promote sustainability by encouraging others to lend and share rather than consume and dispose.

Notes on Circulation

Students are invited to take a book that captures their interest. When finished reading, please return the book to the Community Library. We would encourage students to take books out over breaks, but ask that all titles be returned by Spring semester’s Dean’s Date in order to maintain our inventory.

The Campus Club Community Library collection will hold at least two copies of each book selected for the program, so that students can enthusiastically recommend it to a friend, or read alongside them. Because books are funded through student resources, we ask that copies only circulate among Princeton students. If a borrowed title is lost or damaged, we ask that borrowers provide a replacement.

Share the Good News

If you enjoy this project and find a book you enjoy, we ask that you share your recommendations with others. If you create content for social media related to your reading, please let contact us know and we will share over ODUS channels. We would love to see the project promote engagement with these important topics, support the authors whose works comprise the collection, and encourage “reading for fun” among all, including those who do not access the library directly—everyone loves a good book recommendation. To share with ODUS, you can tag us on Instagram (@princeton_odus): or email [email protected].

Collective Curation

If you have recommendations or donations for the collection, please send us a short note highlighting the title and why you would like it to be considered for addition. If you have a book you would like to donate, please reach out. Over time, we plan to add to the collection so that it expands to reflect the varied interests of Princetonians.

Many thanks for your participation in this project. The Campus Club Community Library is funded and administered by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.