Campus Club Policies

Campus Club Policies and Guidelines

  • Reservations Upon completion of the event registration process, please complete the Campus Club Reservation Request Form in order to request a space for your event. Please note: When completing the space reservation form it is important to inform the Campus Club staff of the exact hours you will need your room, including set-up/clean-up.
  • Requests We will make every effort to accommodate your event request, however, please keep in mind that the more complex your event is, the more time you will need to plan for use of Campus Club. Particularly for special requests, for example events using multiple rooms or those involving alcohol, please make your request at least two to four weeks in advance.
  • Confirmation Your room request is confirmed once you have received a confirmation email from Campus Club. Please note, if you have a recurring reservation throughout the semester, Campus Club reserves the right to move your event if necessary to accommodate a group sponsoring a single event. In the event we need to relocate your event, we will work with you to find a suitable space within Campus Club, or in the extreme case nearby, and will help to ensure there is no disruption to your event.
  • Set-up & Clean-up Setting up and cleaning up are the responsibilities of the group reserving the space. Please plan to clean the space and have all the furniture returned to its original location at the end of your event. If you are unable to handle the set-up and/or clean-up, you must arrange a clean- up by Building Services, which will be billed to your project/grant number. All organizations utilizing the club agree that they will be financially responsible for all damages to the facilities used during their events.
  • Kitchen If you would like to utilize the kitchen, it must be reserved as part of your event registration. Groups are responsible for following the Food Safety Guidelines whenever there is food involved in the event. The kitchen must be cleaned after use and all leftovers are to be thrown away and not to be left in the refrigerator. Trash bags containing food must be tied up, bagged and placed in the ground floor trash bin.
  • Public Safety & Safeguards The nature and complexity of your event will determine the security that is required for your event. If you are using alcohol at your event, your organization is required to have a Public Safety officer(s) present at your event.
  • Rentals There are various options for room set-ups and furniture within Campus Club. Please let us know how you would like to use the space, and we can help assess what resources you will need. For additional equipment, please contact Building Services at ext. 8-3490 for any rental equipment you may need for your event. Please coordinate all set-up, pick-up, etc. directly through Building Services. All rentals and equipment must be removed promptly at the end of your event, so please plan accordingly Equipment Rental Form
  • Audiovisual As indicated in the room descriptions, some of the Campus Club rooms have audio/visual equipment available for use. Instructions on how to use the equipment are posted directly on the system. The Director of Campus Club can review the instructions with you and schedule a time to come in for training, if necessary. If you need additional equipment, you will need to reserve it through Media Services. They can also provide training, but charges will occur for this service. Media Services would also need at least a week’s notice to schedule the training. To rent equipment or schedule a training, contact
  • Conduct Conduct in Campus Club is expected to comply with the regulations as stated in the Princeton University Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities Handbook. All persons using the facilities, including guests, are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these norms of behavior.
  • Guests All facilities of the University are governed by University regulations. Use of the facilities is limited to University students, staff, alumni and faculty, University affiliated organizations and their guests.
  • Alcohol Please note, the University restricts the use of alcoholic beverages in campus facilities. Any events involving alcohol need to be approved through the event registration process. All persons who consume alcoholic beverages are responsible for complying with University regulations and NJ State statutes regarding consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • External Groups Any Group or individual not affiliated with Princeton University may request permission to use University space by submitting a formal proposal to Conference and Event Services.  Please visit their website for more information.  Use of Campus Club by external groups is not allowed during the academic year.
  • Cost There is no charge for student organizations to reserve Campus Club. Groups may incur charges related to other University services depending on catering, facility requests or clean-up charges.
  • Multiple Spaces Multiple spaces in Campus Club can be used for one event but each space must be reserved individually.
  • Casual Use The building is also intended for casual use by students so there may be students coming through your event to get to other parts of the building if you are using areas such as the Living Room or Lounge.
  • Event Time No events may take place between the hours of 2am and 6am without the written permission of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students or The Graduate School - Student Life.

Campus Club Welcomes Student Organizations 

Student Organizations 

Campus Club is designated as social and programming space for Princeton University students. You must be affiliated with a recognized student organization in order to host an event. Organizations requesting space must register their event with the appropriate Dean’s office.

Student Organizations

Events must be registered with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) through the Campus Life Event Registration system.  Please allow plenty of time to help ODUS identify the services you might need and what steps need to be completed in order for your event to be a success. For example, if your event requires Public Safety officers, Public Safety will need notice ten business days before your event in order to schedule an officer to be on duty. For most other events, ODUS requires that you submit your registration at least five business days before your event.

Student Organizations 

Any student or recognized student organization wishing to use Campus Club must submit an Events Registration Form to The Graduate School - Student Life at least three weeks prior to the event. Lily Secora's signature is required before any event will be considered registered.