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Thanks to a generous donation and the dedication of students to the craft of music production, the Ultraviolet Recording Studio made its debut in the basement of Bloomberg Hall in April, 2018. Ultraviolet is named for the distinctive purple soundproof panels that line the walls, reminiscent of the high energy electromagnetic waves by the same name. The studio space is an innovative way to promote portals of entry for student involvement/engagement with audio engineering and musical production. The studio space also provides students with the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to their own personal projects. In the case of student organizations, we hope that Ultraviolet will engender a strong community identity as a space that promotes creative exploration and play.

Student Managers

Malachi Byrd

Malachi Byrd Manager photo

Malachi ‘MalPractice’ Byrd is an African-American Studies major hailing from Washington, D.C. The Inaugural D.C. Youth Poet Laureate, Malachi uses his extensive background in poetry to make music that does unprecedented work with lyricism. A self-taught sound engineer, Malachi has produced three albums and published three books in the last six years. Malachi believes that beautiful music can solve any and everything and insists that hip-hop will save the world.

Sunday – Malachi (10-12pm)

Monday – Malachi (7-10pm)

Friday – Malachi (6-9pm)

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Jackson Artis

Jackson Artis Manager photo

Jackson Artis has been involved with music since the age of 6. He is able to play 4 instruments and has been writing music since the age of 11. Drawing heavily from Jazz and old school rap influences, Jackson has begun to build his own discography under the moniker of Ajax the Lesser. He has released 2 albums and 3 EPs, and accrued over 6k streams on all major streaming services. Jackson is proficient in Logic and Garageband with significant experience in mixing, mastering, and editing. He is currently in the process of co-producing an album with his fellow collective member, known as Sam I Am. His traditional musical training also allows him to be able to offer musical editing advice on many genres beyond just rap and jazz.

Tuesday – Jackson (9-12am)

Thursday – Jackson (3-6pm)

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Jonathan Salama

Jonathan Salama Manager Photo

Jonathan is a junior studying Computer Science. He plays guitar, mandolin, and piano, and is in the pit orchestra of the Princeton Triangle Club. He's interested in classic rock, folk/rock, blues, and progressive rock. His favorite artists are Rush, the Beatles, the Eagles, Neil Young, Billy Joel, and Pink Floyd. Jonathan has been doing sound engineering, recording and mastering for 2 years, and is comfortable with Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

Wednesday – Jonathan (8-11pm)

Saturday – Jonathan (3-6pm)

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Access and Policies

Come by and see our student managers in the studio during their office hours to learn more about Ultraviolet and get trained. In the training, the managers will walk through the terms of use with you and you’ll sign a copy. Once you’re done you can start booking time in the studio!

When booking time in Ultraviolet, please be sure to include your PUID#, any equipment needs, reason for booking, whether you’d like access to the control room and/or booth, and the number of people you’re expecting in the studio.

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Ultraviolet Terms of Use


Ultraviolet Recording Studio offers a suite of audio recording equipment and accessories.  A comprehensive list is posted online.

Ultraviolet Residency

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