Distribution of Written Materials by Members of the University Community

Free inquiry, free expression, and civility within this academic community are indispensable to the University's objectives. Inclusion of the name, telephone number, and/or e-mail address of the University sponsoring organization or individual member of the University community on material resembling petitions, posters, leaflets distributed on campus, including materials disseminated using campus information technology resources or University Internet access is encouraged, since such attribution promotes and facilitates civility as well as vigorous debate in the academic community. Anonymous public postings without sponsorship of a registered University organization or individual shall be removed or deleted if a complaint by a member of the University is lodged with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students or the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.

From Rights, Rules, Responsibilities 1.2.4

Poster Policy

Contact Information

While not required, individuals and student organizations are highly encouraged to include contact information on all posters. The contact information should include the sponsoring student or group’s name, phone number, and/or an email address. The purpose is to direct individuals with questions, comments, or seeking additional information to the most appropriate and informed source. If a complaint is filed with ODUS regarding an anonymous poster, the office has no way of reaching out to the individual or organization before the posters are removed.

Posting Timeline

Generally, posters are left in place until after the posted event date or as weather conditions allow. For posters without an event date, we recommend including a posting date to allow a life cycle of approximately two weeks.

Permitted Posting Areas

The approved areas include outdoor kiosks, lampposts, and bulletin boards throughout campus.

Prohibited Posting Areas

When posting flyers and posters, please respect University property. Posters are not permitted on buildings, chain link fences, wood paneling, benches, sidewalks, roadways, the natural landscape (e.g., trees, shrubs, grass) and any location not in the above list of approved locations.

Chalk & Tape

The use of chalk and tape applied to University grounds and walkways is prohibited.


For questions regarding the University Poster Policy, or to report suspected vandalism of posters, please contact Dean Jarrett Fisher. Individuals may also visit the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students at 313 Morrison Hall or call (609) 258-5750.