Protecting Free Speech and Open Expression

Free Expression Facilitators and Public Safety officers may attend various campus programs, meetings, and events where University policy on freedom of expression may be challenged. These neutral facilitators are Princeton staff members who have been selected to uphold the University’s commitment to freedom of expression and ensure University guidelines governing free expression are followed. Free Expression Facilitators and Public Safety officers uphold the rights of participants to express themselves in non-disruptive ways, accommodate counter-protests, safeguard the essential functioning of University operations, and protect members’ rights to hear, see, and engage with a speaker or listen to a lecture.

In support of this effort, a team of Free Expression Coordinators rotate in serving as the administrative lead for a particular protest, demonstration, or controversial program. Coordinators perform advance work, such as advising individuals and groups that intend to engage in free expression, articulating University policy, and in understanding their range of options available to them; site preparation; liaise with program sponsors; and, coordinate the assigned Free Expression Facilitators. Appreciating Princeton benefits from an engaged, fully residential campus, Free Expression Coordinators partner in an on-call rotation. Serving the University community as Free Expression Coordinators are:

Headshot Jarrett Fisher

Jarrett Fisher

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students

Office Phone | (609) 258-6189

Email | [email protected]

Office | 48 University Place, Suite 406




Ian Deas Staff Photo

Ian Deas

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students and Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

Office Phone | (609) 258-5750

Email | [email protected]

Office | Morrison Hall, Room 316





Keving Fleming portrait

Kevin Fleming

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, The Graduate School

Office Phone | (609) 258-1342

Email [email protected]

Office | Clio Hall, Room 011




Jess Ward


Jessica Ward

Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Director of Campus Recreation

Office Phone | (609) 258-6605

Email | [email protected]

Office | Dillon Gym, Room 103