Special Needs Housing

Special Needs Housing Process

The special needs housing process is administered jointly by the Department of Housing and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students. Special needs housing is intended to provide special consideration in housing for students with medical conditions and disabilities under the following guidelines:

  • Roommate or Drawmates Students applying for special needs housing may only have one roommate or drawmate (e.g. single or double rooms). The number of students requesting special needs housing has increased dramatically over the last several years and the system becomes  unworkable with groups larger than two. 
  • Seniors with Asthma and Allergies For seniors with asthma and allergies, given your priority in the draw, your needs can be met through the regular room draw process and you should not submit an application. 
  • Committed to Fairness ODUS and Housing are committed to the fairness of this process and as such will not take enormously popular or prime rooms out of the regular room draw process. As such, three-room doubles will not be used for special needs housing.
  • Smoke-Free Dorms Consistent with New Jersey state law, all dormitories are smoke free. 
  • Student's physical needs will receive priority attention.  Secondarily, we will do our best to accommodate some of your other preferences. Students are not obligated to accept a special needs assignment.
  • Students will be asked to identify rooms that would meet their needs.  This is simply to provide some examples that would be suitable, and is used as a guideline.  Your assignment will be made with consideration of all the information provided in this process and is NOT constrained to just the rooms suggested.
  • Please note that Rights, Rules, Responsibilities states: "Members of the University community are expected to be honest and straight-forward in their official dealings with University processes, activities, and personnel. This obligation includes...providing accurate information on official forms and documents as well as to University personnel...Deliberate violations will be considered serious offenses...” (p. 2)  Any student found to be providing inaccurate or misleading information in order to gain an advantage in on-campus housing will face University disciplinary action.
  • Rooms larger than a double will not be made available during the special needs housing process. 
  • Please do not call the Housing Office or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students regarding your assignment.  You will be contacted by e-mail with your assignment by the end of the first week of March.

Special Needs Housing Online Application

During the special needs housing process in January and February, applicants must complete the SNH online application. For students with questions about the process, open hours are available with either Angie Hodgeman, Associate Director for Student Housing Occupancy Management and Systems Manager, 5th Floor, New South or Bryant Blount '08, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students, 314 West College. Typically students are divided by the first letter of their last name, with Angie Hodgeman seeing one half of the alphabet and Dean Blount the other.

*Please Note* As of March 6, 2019, the SNH application has closed.  Students seeking housing should first attempt to secure a room that meets their needs through regular room draw.  If unsuccessful, students should apply to the SNH waitlist, but changes will not be made until October 2019.

Room Assignments

Room assignments are typically made in mid-February, though the online application is usually made available at the end of January.  Announcements will be posted online at that time. If you have specific questions or concerns, or find that your needs have changed outside of the regular special needs room draw period late in the fall semester, please contact Dean Blount.

Office of Disability Services

In addition, if you feel that you may have a disability you are also encouraged, but not required, to contact the Office of Disability Services(ods@princeton.edu).

Additional policies and procedures regarding accommodations can be found on the Inclusive Princeton website.