Well-being, Crisis and Other Resources

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Connecting Students to Resources

Our Office connects members of the Princeton community to resources to address well-being issues, as well as respond to crises involving physical and mental health, the safety of persons or property, violations of the law or of University policy, sexual assault or harassment, or undergraduate students in need of emergency funding.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Protocols and Practices Regarding Leave of Absence and Reinstatements for Health-Related Reasons


Dean's Emergency Fund 

ODUS provides financial support to high financial need students in the event of an emergency, necessary and critical medical care or to travel home for a family emergency. This fund is restricted to medical or travel emergencies, and does not include the purchase of personal items, such as winter clothes. The Office of Financial Aid creates appropriate financial aid package allocations on a yearly basis for travel home during breaks, expenses for personal items, and other non-emergency expenses.

Examples of Dean's Emergency Fund approved assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical co-payments following a student health emergency
  • Travel home following a student health emergency
  • Expenses to travel home for a family emergency

Contact Associate Dean Mellisa Thompson to request funding.