Continuous Housing

Picture of statue next to Morrison Hall

Continuous Housing is available to enrolled undergraduate students who meet these criteria:


  • Students who have been declared independent for the purposes of financial aid,
  • Students in the Transfer Program,
  • Students living in Family Housing, or
  • Students with high financial need or identity-based concerns that make it impossible to secure alternative housing.


Currently-enrolled students who meet these criteria are eligible to remain on campus during winter break and/or summer break, provided that they apply and register in advance of the deadlines.  Students who were previously approved for Continuous Housing are still required to register to access housing for these breaks. Students who currently reside in family housing may stay in their 12-month housing assignment but must register through this process, as our goal is to know who remains on campus during the break.


Deadline to apply/register for summer continuous housing: March 31st 2023 at 5:00 p.m. (The portal is now closed!)

The Continuous Housing application can be accessed by searching for “Continuous Housing Request” through the Princeton Service Portal