Continuous Housing

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Dear students,  


We are writing to share information about continuous housing for the spring/fall and summer break periods. 


The portal is now open for students to apply for Continuous Housing during the Spring/Fall Interim Periods, as well as for Continuous Housing during the Summer Period. The portal will remain open until April 29, 2024. 


Students are eligible for Continuous Housing if they meet the following criteria:


  •             Have been declared independent for the purposes of financial aid or
  •             Are transfer students or 
  •             Live in Lakeside, Meadows, or Lawrence or
  •             Have high financial need or 
  •              Are experiencing abuse, neglect, abandonment, or similar types of precarity or
  •              Are facing another emergent situation


  •             Have demonstrated that it is impossible to secure alternative housing. 


Please read the information below in full prior to submitting your application.


Continuous Housing: Interim Periods 

Typically, students are not permitted to remain on campus during the interim periods. However, Continuous Housing is available at no cost to Continuous Housing-eligible students who meet the above criteria during the short-term Winter Break, Spring Interim, and Early Arrival periods. Qualifying students who are approved and registered for Continuous Housing also receive a free dining package during these periods. 


The dates of the 2024 Spring/Fall Interim Period Continuous Housing are:

  • Continuous Housing, Spring Interim: Saturday, May 18 through Sunday, June 2, 2024
  • Continuous Housing, Fall Interim: August 4 through August 31, 2024


Continuous Housing: Summer Period in the Summer Research Village

Typically, housing in the Summer Research Village is restricted to students who are participating in a Princeton-sponsored summer undergraduate program or those who have sponsorship from a University department or office. However, housing in the Summer Research Village is also available to students who do not have a sponsoring program, department, or office if they meet the Continuous Housing criteria above. Eligible students may elect to stay for the entire summer period or select specific weeks of residency. Students should note the dates of their stay on the application form.


Please note that there is a fee for Continuous Housing over the summer period. Students will be charged $475 per week, which includes lodging and 14 meals per week in the residential dining hall. There is no option for housing without a meal plan. A plan with 21 meals per week is also available at an additional cost.  



The deadline to apply for either Interim Continuous Housing and/or Summer Period Continuous Housing is April 29, 2024. The portal will close on April 29, 2024. No late applications will be accepted.


Please note that the following students should NOT apply for Continuous Housing:

  • Graduating Seniors: Seniors are approved to remain on campus until noon on May 29, 2024. Graduating Seniors are not eligible for Continuous Housing or Individual Summer Housing beyond this date.
  • Spring athletes who need to stay for competitions: Spring athletes who are still in competition beyond May 17 will be permitted to remain on campus until 24 hours after their last day of competition. The Department of Athletics will coordinate these arrangements..  
  • Students working for Reunions/Commencement seeking to stay for spring interim: Students in this group have an interim bed through their group or crew. The Department of Alumni Affairs will coordinate these arrangements.  
  • Students in a Princeton-sponsored summer undergraduate program that is housing required or housing optional: These students have housing sponsored by their program.
  • Students participating or working in summer programs sponsored by the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity: Students working or participating in EBCAO’s summer programs, including FSI, Summer Study, PUPP, PSJP, or Mellon Mays, already have housing organized on their behalf by EBCAO. 


As always, if you have any questions, please contact The Service Point at [email protected] or 609.258.8300.




The Continuous Housing Committee