Conflict Resolution

Foundations of Civil Discussion

Conflict can be a normal part of living in community. The University expects its members first to employ honest, direct and civil dialogue as a means of resolving conflict. If, despite this effort, conflict persists, resources exist to help parties resolve disputes.

First- and second-year students experiencing roommate conflicts ordinarily request help from their residential college adviser (RCA). When additional assistance is required, students may seek the help of their assistant dean for student life.

No Communication / No Contact Orders

No Communication and No Contact orders are issued in limited circumstances:

  1. In an emergent situation such as where there has been a significant interpersonal conflict or altercation, a dean may issue a temporary No Communication Order for a short period of time (typically until the next business day) until the matter can be reviewed or, where a disciplinary infraction is being investigated and there is a concern for the safety of an individual, until an adjudication of the case can take place; or
  2.  If an individual has been found responsible for a disciplinary infraction, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students or the Graduate School may issue a No Communication Order or No Contact Order as part of the penalty.

Individuals seeking information about No Contact or No Communication orders in situations involving sexual misconduct may contact the Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE) office or the Office of Gender Equity and Title IX Administration.

If you have general questions about No Contact or No Communication orders, you may contact the Assistant Deans for Student Life (undergraduate students); the Assistant Deans for Student Affairs and the Assistant Director for Student Affairs and Residential Life (graduate students); the Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs (postdocs); the Deputy Dean of Faculty (faculty); or the Senior Human Resources Managers (staff).

For more information about No Communication and No Contact orders, see these Frequently Asked Questions.


Please report any conflict involving violence, the threat of violence or other breaches of conduct regulations.

Department of Public Safety
(609) 258-3134

The Ombuds Office also offers conflict resolution assistance to students, faculty and staff.