Student Organizations and Activities

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Shape your Undergraduate Experience

At Princeton, students are given numerous opportunities to shape their experiences and contribute to important decisions facing the University. Whether you choose to run for an elected office, seek an appointed position, or establish a new organization, you have the opportunity to engage in the important work of shaping your undergraduate experience and contributing to the experiences of your peers. Take this opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills, learn about yourself and others, and broaden your own horizons. As any graduating senior will tell you, time flies at Princeton!

Please review this section to learn of some of the opportunities to get involved with activities and governance at Princeton. The information contained here represents only some of the opportunities available to you; also explore the options available to you in these areas: your academic department, volunteer organizations, athletics, eating clubs, religious life, study abroad and internships.

COVID-19 Policies

Student organization activity must comply with University policy, including the social contract, which governs undergraduate expectations during COVID-19. In particular there are policy documents in place governing the distribution of items and limited in-person group activity. Note that at this time all student organization events are expected to be virtual. 

The latest University guidance around coronavirus (Covid-19) for students, faculty, and staff is available on the University’s coronavirus website. Academic and Operational plans for the spring can be found on the  Spring 2021 website.

Student Organizations

Princeton University students are encouraged to join and participate in our Student Organizations.

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