Off-Campus Events & Conferences

Preparing for Off-Campus Events

In many ways, off-campus events (trips, conference, competitions, etc.) are similar to on-campus events. However, due to the complexities added by travel and lodging, there are additional steps that must be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees.

Portions of these sections pertain specifically to ODUS groups. If you are a sport club, Religious Life group, or Pace group, please contact an administrator in your home department with any questions.


Concur is the University's travel and expense management tool. It is used by students, faculty, an staff to book travel, request reimbursement, and submit expenses.

Student organizations must submit a group travel request in Concur for domestic or international travel outside of the NYC/Philadelphia corridor. 

Request Transportation

Nearly all modes of transportation are available to student organizations for travel to off-campus events. It is up to the student organization to determine which method is the most practical and appropriate, keeping in mind the ODUS and University travel policies. Contact the appropriate administrator in your home department if you have any travel- or transportation-related questions.

The University has negotiated pricing discounts and other benefits with a number of travel suppliers including hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, taxi services, and more. Visit the University's travel page for more information and a full list of suppliers.

    Traveling by Car

    If you would like to rent a vehicle for your trip, ODUS groups must schedule an ODUS Payment appointment to reserve the vehicle(s).

    • Per University policy, all students who rent vehicles to transport other students on University (i.e., student organization) business must successfully complete  driver certification. This includes an online test, registration with the Department of Public Safety, and a road test.
    • Only van-certified students may operate vehicles. At no point during your travel should an uncertified student drive.

    Traveling by Plane or Train

    ODUS groups have several options for booking plane or train tickets:

    1. For large groups or elaborate trips, you must contact your ODUS program coordinator, who will authorize group travel with the University's travel agency, World Travel.
    2. For smaller groups or simpler trips, you may use the ODUS Payment Appointment to make an appointment to book your tickets using the ODUS credit card

    Registering Student Organization Travel

    In order to ensure students’ safety while they are off campus, ODUS requires that all student organization-related travel is registered according to the procedure documented here. Travel registration is mandatory regardless of the cost of the trip, how far you are traveling, or how you plan to get there. Failure to comply with these policies will result in prohibition of individual or group travel, or disciplinary action.

    Step 1. Complete MyPrincetonU Form

    Fill out the ODUS Student Events Registration Form (MyPrincetonU).

    Note: this form is filled out differently for off-campus events/travel.

    1. Name of Event Use the format “Travel: [Name of event]” (ex: “Travel: Chess Tournament at MIT”)
    2. Event Description This must include the reason you are traveling, your mode of transportation, your plans for lodging, and your departure and return dates. If you are traveling by car, note which of your members are van certified. If none are, detail your plan to secure van certification before your departure date.
    3. Location Where you are traveling to
    4. Expected Attendance Number of group members who are traveling
    5. Expected Funding Sources Tell us where your funding is coming from
    6. Projected Cost Estimate the total cost of your trip (incl. Transportation, food, lodging, etc.)
    7. Date and Time Use this section to tell us when you are leaving campus

    Once you have filled out this form, and ODUS administrator will evaluate your registration and will contact you with any questions or concerns. Your travel is not approved until you have received final confirmation via MyPrincetonU.

    Step 2. Register your Trip in Concur

    Note: If you are neither traveling beyond the tri-state area (i.e., beyond Philadelphia or New York City) nor staying off campus overnight, you do not have to register your your trip in Concur. If you are traveling beyond the tri-state area or staying overnight, your trip must be registered in Concur.

    Step 3. Complete your Medical Profile

    All students traveling on University business (including travel with or on behalf of a student organization) must complete the Princeton University Health Services Medical Profile and Consent for Care.

    • Print, Complete, Seal Attendees should print and fill out this form and place it in a sealed envelope.
    • Designated Leader If your trip has a designated leader, it is their responsibility to hold onto these forms in case of emergency. If there is no designated leader, attendees should keep the form on their person in the event that there is a need to provide a profile for treatment.

    Best Practices

    • Review Finance & Treasury's Undergraduate Student Checklist
    • Secure funding well in advance of your trip. Build a detailed budget, submit funding requests early, and closely monitor your group’s account in Prime to ensure you have sufficient funds to travel. Some funding opportunities for off-campus events or conferences are available in SAFE (including ODUS’ Conference Fund). For departments not listed in SAFE, you can email your proposal and budget to the appropriate departmental representative(s).
    • As with all other expenses, reimbursement requests for travel-related expenses must be submitted within 60 days of the transaction date
    • Questions about the travel registration process can be directed to [email protected]